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???? Essay

  • Submitted by: quonjohn
  • on February 27, 2012
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Seat #_______ Name_________________________________               Period #________

World Of Work
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an activity directed toward a purpose or goal that produces something of value to oneself and/or society.

  1. What is work?

  2. What is it called when someone does work and they are not paid for it?

Personal “needs” we try to fulfill in our work

  3. Define work values.

  4. Give 7 examples of work values.
    a. Financial success e.   Personal development
                                  b. Creativity f.   Surroundings and work environment
                              c. Helping others g.   Prestige, Security, Achievement
    a. Independence
  5. List 6 reasons why people work.
                                  a. Money d. Prestige
                                  b. Socialization e. Personal development
                                  c. Accomplishment f. Mental well being
  6. What does employability mean?
Being well prepared to get and keep a job

  7. A person or business that pays an individual to work is called an ____employer_______.
  8. Someone who works for a business or person for pay is called an __employee_________.
  9. Define occupation.   A group of similar tasks or duties people perform for pay.
  10. What is a career?
Work an individual does throughout his/her lifetime
  11. List the 5 career paths.
                                  a. Artistic d. Scientific f.   Technical
                                  b. Business e. Social Humanitarian

List 4 careers that would fall into each of the following career paths.
  12. Artistic
                              a. Muscians c.   Artist/Illustrator
                                  b. Photographer d.   Graphic design
  13. Business
                                  a. Accounting/Finance c.   Distribution

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  • Submitted by: quonjohn
  • on February 27, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
  • Length: 609 words
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