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004 1.1 Essay

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  • on June 3, 2015
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Physical development, this area of development is physical movements, walking,drawing and cutting with a knife are all examples of movements that most children will gradully learn.physical development is closley associated with becoming independent.

0-6 months
- Turn their head toward sounds and movement
- Watch an adult's face when feeding
- Smile at familiar faces and voices
- Reach up to hold feet when lying on their backs
- Look and reach for objects
- Hold and shake a rattle
- Put everything in their mouths
6months- 1 year.
- Move from sitting with support to sitting alone
- Roll over from their tummy to their back
- Begin to creep, crawl or shuffle on their bottom
- Pull on or push against adult hands or furniture to reach a standing position
- Raises arms to be lifted
- Turn and look up when they hear their name
- Pat and poke objects when playing
- Pass objects from hand to hand
- Look for things that have been hidden or dropped
- Reaches hand towards source of food
1 - 2 years:
- Begin to walk
- Sits alone indefinitely
- Feed themselves
- Push and pull toys while walking
- Wave goodbye
- Point or make noises to indicate wants
- Enjoy a picture book
- Shake head for 'No'
- Uses thumb and first two fingers to grip
- Bangs objects together
- Crawl upstairs
- Stops to pick things up from the floor
- Begins to show preference for one hand
- Builds tower of few bricks
- Holds crayon in palm and makes marks on paper

2 - 3 years:
- Kneels to play
- Throws
- Kicks ball
- Builds larger brick tower
- Pour liquids
- Uses pencil to make marks and circular scribbles
Three years:
- Jumps with feet together
- Walks on tip toes
- Walks up and down stairs
- Catches a gently thrown ball
- Climbs with increasing confidence
- Paints
- Threads beads on a lace
- Gains control over eating tools
Four years:
- Pedals
- Throws with aim
- Uses scissors
- Holds a pencil and can draw people/houses

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