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01.00 Essay

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  • on July 21, 2015
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Background Information:
Scientists have found that almost all living organisms have a gene that codes for a protein called Cytochrome C. This protein is important in releasing energy from food. Scientists study similarities such as the gene that codes for Cytochrome C in hopes to learn more about the universal genetic code and the relationship between living organisms on Earth.
The charts below lists a portion of the amino acids found in the Cytochrome C protein of several different organisms. Use the chart to compare the amino acid sequence in humans to the sequences of the other organisms listed. For each organism, identify any amino acid that is different or missing when compared to the amino acids in the human sequence.
Click on the following link to open the activity chart:
Amino Acid Sequences in Cytochome-C Proteins.
Compare the human/chimpanzee to each other organism, entering the number of differences in the chart. Note that a minus sign (-) indicates that an amino acid is missing in that sequence. When comparing two sequences, an amino acid in one sequence and a (–) in another would count as a difference.
You will submit the completed chart and the reflection to your instructor.
Human vs.________ # of differences in the amino acid sequence
Rhesus monkey 0
Horse 3
Donkey 3
Common zebra 3
Pig, cow, sheep 3
Dog 3
Gray whale 3
Rabbit 3
Kangaroo 3
Chicken, turkey 5
Penguin 6
Pekin duck 2
Snapping turtle 3
Rattlesnake 4
Bullfrog 4
Tuna 6
Screwfly fly 9
Silkworm moth 13
Tomato horn worm 13
Wheat 18
Rice 18
Baker’s Yeast 17
Candida Yeast 19
Neurospora 19

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