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02.01axial and Appendicular Muscles Essay

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02.01 Axial and Appendicular Muscles.
Surface Anatomy

Muscle Name | Adjacent Bone | Adjacent Muscle |
Deltoid | Humerus | pectoralis major |
Biceps Brachii | Ulna and radius | Biceps brachii |
Triceps Brachii | Ulna and radius | Triceps brachii |
External Oblique | n/a | rectus abdominis |
gastrocnemius | Fibula and tibia | hamstrings |
Quadriceps femoris | femur | hamstrings |

Reflection Questions:

Answer the following in complete sentences.
1.Were you able to find all of the muscles and their locations of attachment? What muscles were the most difficult to locate, and why?
Answer: I was able to find the muscles and their location of the attachment, I used the visuals shown in the lesson to help me. Most of them were easy to locate but the one I had most difficulty finding was the deltoid because it wasn’t as visible and when I had my partner move that muscle I could b barley feel it.
2.Do you feel it is easier to find these surface features on yourself or a partner? Why do you think that is the case?
Answer: Yes it was easier using a partner to find these features because not only was I able to see the muscle in action I was also able to feel it. Using a partner provided better visuals to finding the muscles.
3. Why is it important for a muscle to be attached to a fixed origin at one end and a moving insertion at the other? Discuss how this promotes movement, using one of the muscles you observed as an example.
Answer: it’s important for a muscle to be attached to a fixed origin because if it weren't then muscles wouldn’t be able to function, being in a fixed location allows them to be put in place and withstand the weight/ pressure to lift weight. For example your biceps help you lift weight this is due to the muscle that you can lift weight.

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