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03.06 Paragraphs Essay

  • Submitted by: hman818
  • on May 3, 2015
  • Category: History
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03.06 paragraphs

Today in the world we live in people make fun of, discriminate, talk down to, or fear things that they do not fully understand.   The reason why is never anything more than they are different, whether its skin color, religion, or they just don’t look like they do people will automatically single you out.   Islamic and Arab Americans are singled out every day some fear, some taunt, and just like the German Americans they are discriminated against daily.   It is an extremely arrogant and self minded way of thinking, but sadly it seems like that is just the way America has been, and still is today.
September 11, 2011 terrorist’s from a group known as Al-Qaeda attack multiple United States buildings.   The explosion killed innocent civilians at their place of work, and causing the nation to be paralyzed with fear, and riddled with anger.   Ever since this day many people see Islamic, and Arab American citizens as a terrorist, or someone to fear. Studys have shown decreases every year “today, alarmingly, only 27 percent of Americans have a favorable view of Muslim Americans, (The Daily Beast).”   Just like the German Americans in WWI people relate Muslim Americans to fear, or supporters of the radical people in their religion.   When they want nothing more to be looked at as just another American man or women going out, but the arrogance of people are making that seem impossible.
During WWI German Americans were very looked down upon, and discriminated against heavily.   For example “German-language newspapers were either run out of business or chose to quietly close their doors (Library of Congress).”   Similar in today how people will vandalize a store whose owner happens to be a Muslim, Islamic, or Arabic.   People will do these rage drivin crimes because when they think about a Muslim as a terrorist, and that’s what they think it means just because of certain Muslims crazed actions.   That’s compared to me saying, well since those couple of Christian...

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