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0r5000 Final Research Paper

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                  Distant learning has become an increasingly preferred method among college students aiming to broaden their education.   Although many aspects of online learning do not resemble a traditional online campus, the curriculum can be intricate and demanding.   Students who choose online education must adhere to appropriate college principles and competent dexterous coursework.   According to a study by Babson University Survey Research, In 2011, 6.7 million students partook in at least one online course, a substantial increase of 570,000 students over 2010 (McCrea, 2013).   The report concluded 77 % of academic leaders prefer the learning outcomes in online education and considered “same or superior” to those in face-to-face classes (McCrea, 2013).  
              The coursework students receive is only one aspect of their intended education.   In addition, students also acquire skills such as technologic proficiency, practiced online communication, and the ability to minimalize distractions in demanding settings.   In the following paper the author will describe each proficiency and how they can benefit students pursing graduate degrees.
    In the past decade online programs have implemented course support software and textbook supplemental materials (Columbia Southern University, 2013).   The software enables instructors to open a form of communication between themselves and their students.   The software used varies in many college programs but their main function is to provide instructors and students with an academic network that enables both contributors to have a platform to examine, assess, and evaluate, coursework comprehension.  
The students at Columbia Southern University are required to utilize E-Learning tools.   The tools are used to “Enhance instructional and assessment activities including online quizzing, discussion boards, and assignment submissions” (Columbia Southern University, 2013).   Instructors can...

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