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1.03 Graphic Organizer Essay

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Graduating Early
Costs                                                                         Benefits                                                                      
Starting late having to catch up in school (long term) Being able to finish highschool early (short term)
I don’t get the senior experience with the kids I grew up with (short term) graduating at 17 (short term)
no free time (short term) getting everything out the way and starting college (long term)

Explain how the concepts of scarcity, choice, and opportunity cost relate to your dilemma.
            Scarcity, choice, opportunity relate to my dilemma because I can't be every where at one time I want to graduate early but I wont have my senior year with the kids I grew up with.My choice was to graduate early and the opportunity cost I gave up graduating with my classmates since kindergarten.
When making a decision, are the costs and benefits equally important to you? Why or why not. Based on your chart, explain which category, costs or benefits, would have the largest impact on your decision?
When making a decision I believe that the benefits out way the cost way more because I look at bright side instead of the down side. The benefits of graduating early have the largest impact on my decision I get out of high school a whole year earlier.
Based on the chart and your responses to the above questions, what will be your final choice? Write a brief paragraph with at least three details to persuade your instructor that this is the best decision.
My final choice would be to graduate early.Sure I wont have any free time but it will all pay off in the long run.I get to graduate a whole year earlier also while I am still 17. I am going to be the first in family to graduate early and go straight to college. I would love to achieve and wear that accomplish that goal. Graduating early should be every teenagers to get out of their parents home and go off to college to be left independent.

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