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1 2 Ka 4 Essay

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In the essay, “On Dumpster driving” author Lars Eighner describes his experience of a life   when he was dumpster driver and homeless. He joined the job of dumpster driving one year before he becomes dumpster. He left his home with his dog and Lizbeth. This shows that author is huge attachment with dog and Lizbeth.
My assumptions about homeless people did not change. In this essay the author is really a lives his life as it seems to be life of poverty. In this essay, it is fully shows positive sides of the dumpster. Why most of the people are dumpster in the city. Since many people become homeless they do not work anymore and to depends on others. The government is most vital resources for the homeless people. Government provide them free food stamp and money. Most of the homeless people can get a job but they want enjoy the life and send the money indirectly from tax payers. They condition of the homeless people from the essay its totally different from reality. Only few of them have to suffer like author.in the essay, it describes that homeless people (like author)take out the pizza from the dumpster but actually see in the reality is totally wrong. If you put your dumpster only for two hours, and smell it, there will be toxic smell coming out from the Dumpster,so how people can eat it another interesting point was that it cant affort to dog ,thn why he live with dog.

Eighner’s articulate analysis of Dumpster scavenging demonstrates the complexity and dignity of the process. Himself a homeless scavenger, he rejects the terms “foraging” (because it connotes “gathering nuts and berries”) and “scrounging” (because it sounds too disorderly); the latter, however, he applies to aluminum can “scroungers,” who “lay waste to everything in their path.” Eighner tells frankly of getting a living with the refuse of...

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