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1234 Essay

  • Submitted by: greyson1105
  • on December 5, 2011
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Curiosity allows people to explore life’s most exciting mysteries. Curiosity and desire is what expresses the thrill someone feels when they notice the opposite sex for the first time, have their first girlfriend/boyfriend, or have their first kiss. Attractiveness and alertness of the opposite sex is a usual characteristic that develops in each person as they grow up. But, nobody takes the time to stop and notice the power that desire and curiosity actually has over someone’s life. In the story “A & P”, John Updike uses female sexuality, and the drive to deliver his theme of desire towards the opposite sex.
Three girls walk in a store wearing just bathing suits. As they walk in the cashier, Sammy admires the three girls. Come to his luck they come to check-out at his counter. Coming in from outside the store manager, Lengel walks in and tell the girls that they are dressed inappropriate and next time they enter the store they have better been dressed in a more proper way. Sammy takes up for the girls and tells Lengel that he quits, thinking the three girls would notice his action and be impressed. Sammy took off his apron, left his counter, and went out the store to see the three girls, only to find out they had already left. He didn’t get the girls that he quit his job for and he realized how hard the world was going to be there after.
The female can gain complete control over a man’s actions and emotions. A guy will do basically anything to get the attention of a girl he’s interested in, especially in a sexual way. So much as a low cut shirt or a short skirt can drive a guy crazy. Even something as little as a wink can do unimaginable thing to a guy’s emotions. In A & P, the three chicks know that the guy is looking them up and down but, the girls act like they don’t notice him checking them out. They are obviously flattered, but instead they take advantage of their female sexuality.
Females in some situations take advantage of the power they have,...

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