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3d Animation Essay

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ASSIGNED DATE: Tuesday October 18, 2005
REVIEW DATE: Thursday October 20, 2005
DUE DATE: 1:00 PM Tuesday October 25, 2005
STUDENT NAME: ___________________________

The movement of ‘unique’ objects through a 3 dimensional environment requires the ability to understand the usage of various basic animation principles, most importantly, timing, spacing and arcs.   Students will animate 4 different balls as they enter a room and come to a rest, showcasing their ability to display a variety of materials and weights.

You will create a simple set featuring three walls, a floor and a box within this ‘room’. One wall will feature an open window that each ball will enter the scene through.   Using separate scenes, the student will animate each ball as it is thrown through a window, into the room and through the degeneration of it’s own inertia, will come to a final rest somewhere within the room. You will be required to pre sketch the poses and arcs of the scene before animation will commence.   The balls to be animated will be:

1. A Rubber Ball
2. A Ping Pong Ball
3. A Bowling Ball
4. A Ball of the student’s choice –MUST BE SPHERICAL in shape!  

Final output will be saved files in the common directory under each student’s name.   Each ball will have it’s own Maya file saved, the balls should not be within the same movie!   Scene specifications will be defined in the class lesson.

It is crucial that you be able to establish a ‘believable’ weight, movement and mass to the balls and nothing else. Please no advanced models, textures, lighting, effects or similar embellishments.   Venturing outside of these limitations will result in a substantial penalty off the final grade.  

Grade Criteria

Rough Sketches /30
Animation /60
Attendance /5
Deadline Met /5
FINAL /100

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