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600 word biography on relationships Essay

  • Submitted by: gilbert
  • on December 15, 2008
  • Category: English
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Are relationships always about love? Do you have to love to be in a relationship or can you just be in a relationship because the person makes you happy? Is it called love?   Although people may confuse obsession with love, I consider love to be a powerful and meaningful word. One should only use it if there married already…. Right? Do they? Always get “happily ever after”? The truth is “happily ever after” is just a myth one tells themselves to be sure that they’re going to be happy in the end.
Relationships don’t always end well. The reason why is to teach one about himself or herself. Also one has self improvement meaning now their more mature, they have boundaries, and in the end one is more sure about what they want and what they need in a person. Now that their more mature from the experience things will work out. When a person rushes into a relationship or rushes into getting married there’s more possibility that either the relationship or the marriage will not work out in the end. Most reasons that people rush into serious relationships is because either they are not sure about their feelings toward the other person and they tend to make themselves like that person more ever though they really don’t feel a connection with them or maybe even with the opposite sex. As a result of all the heart ache that relationships can cause people seek companionship in the same sex.
Let’s take my life for example, it may seem perfect, but don’t let looks fool you. My parent’s marriage didn’t only change their lives but others as well. My life changed when I was 7. I started seeing my parent’s fight although I never understood why.
I was the youngest of five siblings. Their lives changed too. A while later I found out my dad was cheating on my mom with our neighbor. The feeling was horrible, I kept asking why and why over and over but nobody would explain it felt like nobody loved me, I was the outcast of our family. Growing up was really tough. The effect that my...

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