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A Brief Outline Of Greek History Untill A.D 1453

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A   Brief Outline Of Greek History (until A.D 1453)

The Prehistoric Periods

Literally the time before history meaning before the written history of the Greek world. Our information comes to us by way of archaeology, and the mythology and traditions of later periods.

Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic Periods: 
The old, middle and new stone ages were a period of transition in the civilizations of the Aegean. At the beginning of the Neolithic period there was a big change from a nomadic "hunter-gatherer" lifestyle to one of settled village life and agriculture. 

The Bronze Age  : 3000 - 1100 B.C.
This term comes from the concept of the 'Ages of Mankind', originating with Stone, followed by Bronze, and Iron. In archaeological terms the Bronze Age is divided into three periods, early, middle, and late. On the island of Crete, the MINOAN civilization named after the King MINOA came to power during the early and middle phases, only to be eclipsed by the MYCENAEAN civilization on the mainland of Greece in the Late Bronze Age. 

The Early Iron Age : 1100 - 900 B.C.
Following the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization at the end of the Bronze Age, most of the palatial centers disappear, accompanied by depopulation of surrounding areas. The apparently low level of culture (for example, the art of writing is lost) makes it difficult to understand the changes occurring at this time. (This period is also sometimes called the "Dark Ages".) Greek tradition states that the "Dorians" or "Sons of Herakles" invaded southern Greece, thereby driving out the last of the Mycenaeans. Sometime later, displaced Greek-speaking peoples moved into Asia and settled along the coast (the "Ionian Migration").    

The Historical Periods

The Geometric Period  : 900-700 B.C.
During this period the Greek polis or "city-state" develops, including Athens, Corinth, and Sparta. Archaeologically we see a greater, more developed, artistic output in the form of painted pottery and...

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