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A Civil Action Essay

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In the film “A Civil Action” the four models of the business-government-society (BGS) relationship were depicted, although some more strongly than others.   In addition to these BGS models, several of the seven key environmental forces were depicted as having an impact on business.   To begin, I will relate the film to each of the four BGS models and determine whether each model reflects the BGS relationship as depicted in the film.   I will follow with identifying which of the seven environmental forces are depicted as having an impact on business.
In the beginning of the film the Law firm of Schlichtmann, Conway, and Crowley can be related to the BGS market capitalism model in several ways.   This personal injury law firm was driven by the market economy.   Jan Schlichtmann, the senior partner, was motivated by his desire to make a profit.   He chose his cases based on whether or not he thought the case would be easy to settle out of court, how sympathetic the client would look to a jury in the event it did go to trial, and whether the defendant(s) had deep pockets and would be likely to settle to prevent a lengthy trial where they risked being found at fault.   Schlichtmann and his partners used their skills and knowledge to identify which clients would be most likely to benefit them based on these criteria.   When Jan was faced with a call from Ann Anderson on his radio program, he was forced to review the case with his partners to determine if it was one they would want to pursue.   As a group they determined that this case did not meet their criteria.   In the words of Jan in the beginning of the film, “a dead child is worth the least amount (Zaillian, 1998)” in relation to the amount of money a settlement could bring.   In this case there were eight children that died from leukemia the parents believed contaminated water was the cause.   So the client criteria were not met.   The families did not and could not name who they were seeking damages from, the deep pockets....

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