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A Contrastive Analysis Of Tpr And Stp

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  • on February 26, 2011
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A Contrastive Analysis of TPR and STP

1. Background and Approach
Total Physical Response, developed by James Asher, is a language teaching method built around the coordination of speech and action, and it attempts to teach languages through physical activity. It draws on several traditions, including developmental psychology, learning theory, and humanistic pedagogy, as well as on language teaching procedures proposed by Harold and Dorothy Palmer in 1925.
Suggestopedia is a method developed by Georgi Lozanov. It derived from Suggestology which concerned with the systematic study of the nonrational and nonconscious influences, like decoration, the use of music, the authoritative behavior of the teacher, etc. Among these factors, the use of music is the centrality of Suggestopedia. Memorization in learning by the suggestopedic method seems to be accelerated 25 times over that by conventional methods.
Theory of language
Total Physical Response
The verb in the imperative is the central linguistic motif. Asher sees language as being composed of abstractions and nonabstractions. Abstractions should be delayed until students have internalized a detailed cognitive map of the target language.
The emphasis on memorization of vocabulary pairs- a target language item and its native language translation- suggests a view of language in which lexis is central and in which lexical translation rather than contextualization is stressed. Suggestopedic approach will be the optimal one when talking about memorization of grammar rules.
Theory of learning
Total Physical Response
Borrowed from Arthur Jensen’s Sv-R(means the physical movements the child makes in response to the verbal stimulus) type learning, he drew on three learning hypotheses--- the bio-program, brain lateralization and reduction of stress.
Suggestion is at the heart of Suggestopedia. It has a desuggestive-suggestive sense and creates a constant set...

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