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A Cultural Hero: Maya Angelou Essay

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“Hidden Cost of College”

It seems as if it were just yesterday when everything I needed was paid for by my parents, the one who support me. That seemed to change when I become a certain age, and started college. When I needed my parents the most, they expected me to handle my situation and finances independently, as an adult. There has been an abundance of hidden costs since I began college. Although, I may thought time and finances would be the two main costs, there have been mental, physical, and psychological costs as well.

First, to speak about the hidden financial costs, I did not know that college tuition and books would be a financial burden all students have to face. In addition, to those well-known costs, there were others if I wanted college to be both educational and entertaining. These costs include social activities such as entrance into games, nights out with new friends, increased cost of gas to get to and from school, and furniture for your new living space. The list can go on. I anticipated most before entering college but with so much focus on tuition, lodging, and books, the additional costs caught up with me because they are hidden.

Second, there are other costs that are not associated with school. My High school, allows for a certain sense of security. My routines were well-known and comfortable. I was socializing with the same friends and acquaintances I had known for years. I knew my way around and all the teachers had friendly faces. When in high school, there was a sense of urgency to get out of the normal routine and head off to college. The reality when college life hit, was a newfound sense of insecurity that I had not felt since the transition from middle school to high school. Students who attend college away from home are faced with even a greater amount of uncertainty.

The other costs not related to financial burden are the physical toll, and no, I am not talking about the pain I felt from my first spin class,...

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