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A Dolls House Essay

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  • on July 28, 2009
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A Dolls House was a controversial play of the late 19th century written by Henrik Ibsen. This controversy was created by the use of realist drama to portray the faults of the contemporary society in the 19th century middle class. The values of the play are communicated through its original context and the intended strong impact it had on the audience through the construction of the fourth wall by the application of immense detail which builds up the real life moments of the bougois.. One of these values communicated which played a role in the constructed impact of the realist drama is the gender roles of the 19th century and the flaws of its operations. The context of these gender roles was set in the middle class in (Norway) 1879, where society was run under a patriarchal system which runs on the suppressing of autonomy under the social expectations and obligations of each gender and their roles. Nora is represented as a victim of a patriarchal society and her social obligations in her gender roles as a wife and mother. This play is essentially about her quest to achieve autonomy and to eschew the charades of her public and private world in “a dolls house”. This sense of being a trapped in her gender roles is represented through dramatic techniques such as the diction used between her husband Helmer and herself as the language used represents the assumptions made by both characters on the gender roles of the other. Helmer uses patronising terminology when describing his wife, Nora, through terms such as “feather brain” and “song bird”, portraying his belief of him being the superior and the one with the brains in the household, and Nora being the inferior figure whose purpose in society lacks potential   in the eyes of a patriarchal society other than being able to fulfil the role a wife and mother ( yes and no– Helmer does say that the mother is the key influence in a child’s life!!). Nora is also shaped by society’s view on gender roles as in the first...

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