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A Father's Journey Essay

  • Submitted by: jeffrey03ish
  • on December 4, 2011
  • Category: History
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“Wow, this weather is really bad.” That’s what I thought to myself as the lightning destroyed the town. At that moment, I had nothing to say because I was too terrified by the raging storm. About ten minutes later, I went inside to check on the weather. I thought that it was just a regular storm at the time, but I would soon find out that I was far from right.

June 5, 1969

Dear journal,

I’ve realized that I’ve not been writing since ’56 ,but that’s because we’ve been having some unpleasant weather. I know Oklahoma is in tornado alley, but there’s not been any tornadoes yet! Sometimes the weather gets so brutal that I take my wife and daughter to the storm shelter anyway. I think I might get my daughter a dog for her birthday on the 15th. Even though our money is based on how many eggs the chickens hatch, I’ll do anything for my daughter because…she’s the only one I have.

June 10, 1969

Dear journal,

Today my wife “reminded me” to make my “to do list” into a “done list”. Since she did this, I decided to see what was on my list. To see what was on my list, I had to find it. First I looked in the bedroom, then the bathroom, the basement, and finally…the tool shed. I looked all around and there was no sign of a list, just tools and a pile of dust. I decided to sweep up the pile of dust and alas I found my list. So, when I looked at it here’s what I saw…

To Do List

  1. Fix the door on the weather shelter
  2. Clean tool shed
  3. Buy new color television
  4. Wash vintage Ford
  5. Buy dog for Jo
  6. Mow the lawn

I didn’t feel like doing the first one, so I did number two. It took about three hours so, I “skipped” number three and went straight to four and five (the only two things I wanted to do). After that, it was 9:00 pm so I went to bed and decided to mow the lawn the next day.

June 15, 1969

Dear journal,

Today was my daughter, Jo’s, birthday. Although we didn’t do much of anything, she kept her head up. This...

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