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A Midsummer Night's Dream film Review

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  • on July 27, 2009
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Production Review
Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (1999)
directed by Michael Hoffman

Maritza Gonzalez

Production Review Assignment on "A Midsummer Night's Dream" © (1999)

Directed by: Michael Hoffman

Produced by: Fox Searchlight Pictures; Regency Enterprises

Kevin Kline Nick Bottom
Michelle Pfeiffer Titania
Rupert Everett Oberon
Stanley Tucci Puck
Calista Flockhart Helena
Anna Friel Hermia
Christian Bale Demetrius
Dominic West Lysander
David Strathairn Theseus
Sophie Marceau Hippolyta

Release Date: May 14, 1999

Run time: 116 minutes


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If William Shakespeare were looking down on civilization from heaven, would he be like Robin Goodfellow and say, "What fools these mortals be", watching as many sit and read his plays like they were novels. Nearly four hundred years since his death, Shakespeare's masterpieces have captivated audiences through inspired theatre productions, film plots, and television story-lines. Shakespeare's words and meanings will not come to life the same way if his pieces are read - becoming the antithesis of his purpose - for his words demand recitation, imitation, and interpretation. In conjunction with various production elements such as sound, setting, performance, and lighting, visual interpretation and recitation of Shakespeare's plays become the only effective way to understand the poetic metaphors and imagery soaked in Shakespeare's verses.
The film production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (1999) is a modern interpretation of Shakespeare's version set during the 19th Century, in Mount Athena, Italy. Accommodations were made to   adapt Shakespeare's script to a different culture and era not alike the Renaissance and Elizabethan one. Though differences in attire, language, music, and scenery are not distracting to the overall enjoyment of the film,...

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