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A & P ( Analyse) Essay

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  • on December 6, 2011
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By: John Updike

Sammy tender to notice and always pay attention to everything that happened around him, and the day that the three girls enter to the A&P store in bathing suit wasn’t an exemption for his tendency. At the begging of the story Sammy start to develop a healthy interest for the opposite sex, begging to described in details each one of the girls from the one that was a chunky kids until the one that he describe as a leader. His way of showing reverence for the women body was appreciating every detail and texture of their battings suit to the different boundaries of their tan lines and the difference of their body figures , behavior and sexually. As we see through Sammy narration hi is not very content with his job at A&P, by referring to the costume as “sheep,” Sammy’s attitude toward the shoppers of the A&P is negative, the same time we see that Sammy doesn’t want to be stuck in the job for the rest of his life, he start to compared himself with his co-work Stokesie (who is married with two babies and has being working at A&P for long time). After Sammy make connection between himself and Stokesie and his interaction with the girls and Lengel humiliation up to them, Sammy realize that A&P will not longer be in his life and he quit. Before quit his job Sammy’s boss, Lengel, discovers the inappropriate attire of the young girls, and informs them of their social disgraces in front of the other customers. Although Queenie has enough self-confidence to ignore Lengel’s request as she is socially superior to all of A & P’s workers, Sammy feels it is his duty to avenge her honor. In her honor not in his desire to archive was the reason why Sammy quits his job; unfortunately, the girl was out of hearing distance and is unaware of Sammy’s declaration of rebellion.

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