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A Scarlet Letter

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  • on February 23, 2011
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AP Lit
Summer Essay
Question B.

The novel that I read was The Scarlet Letter. The author, Nathaniel Hawthorne, does a good job
of the full presentation of the characters in the book. He fully describes the lives of Hester and
Pearl. By doing so he gives us a more sympathetic view on the characters lives that we might otherwise look at it.
    Hester is portrayed as a strong and proud woman in the beginning of the book. But throughout
the book Hawthorne changes that view to a more shames and alienated form society. The author
describes her life is alienated and her presentation that makes feel sympathy towards her. He
describes how she is shunned and shamed by society. She had to endure punishment for adultery
by standing on a scaffold in town as people scold and public humility. She also had to wear a
scarlet letter “A” on her chest. It represented the mark of adultery. She moves to a rundown old
cabin on the outskirts of town. She lives a simple and content life with her daughter by her side.  
She also has to keep a secret that hangs over her head about her husband and the true father of
her child. Knowing that her child has to grow up without a father. Knowing what she has to go
through every day, by describing her life and struggles, the author paints a picture of her life.
This in turn makes us as the readers feel sympathy toward Hester.    
    Hawthorne also shows the same presentation in Hester’s daughter Pearl. He creates sympathy
for her character as well. He describes her throughout the book as a disrespectful child who never
listens and loves mischief. Because she and her mother live in seclusion, Pearl does not have
friends, only her mother. Sometimes her only companions are her imaginary friends that she

dreams up. When the town children try to rustle and play with her, she usually ignores them,
scold them away, curse and pelt them with rocks. She is viewed as a disturbed child. But she is
also a...

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