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A System of Inquiry Essay

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A System of Inquiry
Within Manual Data Processing (MDP), the organization that I work for there is a strict ethics mission statement which can be found on their website, http://www.mdp.com.   The ethics mission statement defines the ethical behavior that is expected from each MDP associate who works within the organization.   Below is the first section of the mission statement:
ADP and each of its associates, wherever they may be located, must conduct their affairs with uncompromising honesty and integrity. Business ethics are no different than personal ethics. The same high standard applies to both. As an MDP associate you are required to adhere to the highest standard regardless of local custom.
Associates are expected to be honest and ethical in dealing with each other, with clients, vendors and all other third parties. Doing the right thing means doing it right every time (Manual Data Processing, Inc [MDP], n.d.).  
In the statement above, MDP has defined what they consider to be ethical behavior.   They expect every associate to conduct business with honesty and integrity at all times.   MDP as a company has over five hundred thousand clients and is a publicly traded corporation.   It is in the best interest of the company and the stockholders to maintain good ethical business practices at all times.   If unethical business practices were ever conducted, such as releasing confidential client information, MDP would have a difficult time gaining the trust of future prospective clients. I do not believe that other companies would want to conduct business with a company that did not practice good business ethics.
Implementing this business code of ethics makes MDP Associates and the public aware that MDP is an upstanding company and conveys that good business ethics are one of the core values that ADP and its associates follow.   Furthermore, MDP highlights that unethical business practices are inexcusable in the next statement below:
Misconduct cannot be excused...

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