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A True Hero Essay

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Vlad Drakulya has always been a national hero in Romania however with the simple slash of a pen the name Dracula has become synonymous with blood and horror. Because of his acts to keep his people safe he has been labeled a monster by many. His life while dark and hard was based on keeping the population of Wallachia safe and happy however he had to. His acts can seem somewhat extreme but they were necessary for the safety of his people. Psychological warfare was used to detour attacking Turks and used to keep thieves out of his country.
Drakulya was born in 1431. His given name was Vlad. He had an older brother, Mircea, and a younger brother Radu, the Handsome. Their mother an unknown Transylvanian noble woman died during the birth of Radu. It is said that Drakulya’s mother educated him in his early years. Later he was trained for knighthood by an old boyar who had fought the Turks. He was taught many things such as, swimming, fencing, jousting, archery, court etiquette, and above all horsemanship, in which he excelled. Drakulya's father, Vlad II was the governer of Wallachia, was not content to remain a mere governor forever. During his years in Transylvania, he gathered supporters for his plan to seize Wallachia's throne from its current occupant, a Danesti prince named Alexandru I. In late 1436 early 1437 Vlad Dracul killed Alexandru and became Prince Vlad II.
Vlad II was a vassal of Hungary who also had to pay tribute to Hungary's enemy, Turkey. In 1442 Turkey invaded Transylvania. Vlad tried to stay neutral, but Hungary's rulers blamed him and drove him and his family out of Wallachia. A Hungarian general, Janos Hunyadi made a Danesti named Basarab II the prince of Wallachia. The following year Vlad regained the throne with the help of the sultan of Turkey. In 1444 he sent his two younger sons to Turkey to prove his loyalty. Drakulya was about 13. He spent the next four years in Adrianople, Turkey as a hostage. In 1444 Hungary went to war with Turkey and...

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