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George Muresan
Advance Comp 4

Yellow Pill

In the story The Yellow Pill, Dr Cedric Elton is trying to convince Jerry Bocek that they are both in a psychiatric office on Earth. Jerry Bocek believes that they are both alone on a spaceship and that Dr. Elton, who is really named Gar, is suffering from space madness that is causing him to hallucinate. Jerry Bocek is correct that his reality is true.
Jerry does not feel any sensations from Dr. Elton’s world.   In order to try to prove that Cedric is not imagining his world, he has a policeman punch Jerry in the jaw. Cedric sees Jerry’s head rocking back and forth from the blow, but Jerry mysteriously claims that he didn’t feel anything. Jerry realizes that Cedric imagined that a locker punched Jerry in the head. If Cedric Elton’s reality were true, Jerry would have felt the pain from the policeman punching him. Jerry Bocek was not crazy enough to not feel anything that happened to him. He was coherent and was aware of his surroundings. If Jerry were more insane, according to Cedric Elton, then it would be possible that he would not feel the two punches from the police officer.
Jerry’s knowledge of the yellow pill would be amazingly good if he was a sane, non-psychiatric person on Earth. Since he was sane before the incident, he probably would have no knowledge that the yellow pills existed and that they could be used to cure hallucinations. The only way that Jerry could have know so much about the pills would be if his story were true and the yellow pills were used to cure space madness. He knew that the pills could cure Dr. Elton of his madness, which is what occurred.
Throughout the story, Dr. Elton displays signs of doubt that his world is the true reality. He is slowly swayed by Jerry to accept the space world as the true reality. A world-class psychiatrist, as Cedric claims to be, would not be so easily confused by a seemingly insane man. A world-class psychiatrist would have been...

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