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Aaas Essay

  • Submitted by: sanna113
  • on December 3, 2008
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One of the readings that we discussed in class was called, “Lullaby” by Kim Chi Won. This work of literature was based on a woman who was frustrated in her relationship with her husband that lead to a great despair. In the beginning of the story, the husband and the woman search for a new home along with their young daughter, Suni. The woman came across this one particular house that was large and spacious; she fell in love with the house. Because of her dreadful relationship with her husband, she wanted to have her own privacy within the home and the large house was a perfect getaway to relieve her stress from her husband. Soon after, she told her husband about the house but he wanted to view the home for himself. He concurred that it was a beautiful house however; he was told that the house is haunted with strange voices saying “Your head aches, my head aches.” From then on the story continues to create a theme of how the woman’s despair and the burden controls her life and leads to a tragic event.

In the story, “Lullaby” by Kim Chi Won, the woman, also known as the protagonist solemnly deprives herself from doing what her husband commands her to do. She was always felt depressed and lonely because of her husband’s treatment towards her. After moving into the new home, she wanted a change for once in her life. She was a housewife that always cooked and cleaned for her husband. Her husband never appreciated what she does for him. “He was always upset with her about something” (167). He would always complain and order her around to make things better. He would shout, “Why wasn’t dinner ready when he returned from work?” (167). Then the story quotes, “The woman had forgotten what it was like to talk with her husband, and had gradually been reduced to playing the role of a maid” (167). I think that Kim Chi Won perfectly exemplifies how during the time he wrote this story, Korean men were dominating their wives by commanding them to do and making them their...

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