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Aaron Burr... Patriot Or Criminal Essay

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Aaron Burr is best known for having killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel in Maryland in 1805.   Burr, a man of means, having been raised in an upper class family, took exception to Hamilton's slights and his political beliefs.   Since, at the time, voters were able to cast two votes for president, with the person gaining the second most votes appointed as vice-president, all those who voted for Jefferson also voted for Burr, Jefferson's choice for Vice President.   Unfortunately, Burr and Jefferson had the same amount of votes in the electoral college.

    Now, although Hamilton was a strict Federalist, and although Hamilton and the Federalist candidate, President John Adams did not see politics in the same light, Hamilton knew the Federalist party had lost the election of 1800.   Therefore, the next president would be a member of the new Democratic-Republican Party.   Hamilton was not a ardent supporter of either candidate, but, Hamilton felt that Aaron Burr would not be a capable leader of the new nation.

    As such, when the election was thrown into the House of Representatives to decide the next Chief Executive, Hamilton was an ardent supporter of Jefferson.   Hamilton was not opposed to cast aspersions against Burr, and was able to sway the majority of the House of Representatives to   vote Jefferson into the highest office in the nation.

    Burr was infuriated with the actions of Hamilton.   However, as the new Vice-President, he would have to bide his time to seek revenge.   As John Adams had realized, Burr was soon put-off with the uselessness of the position of the Vice President.   As Vice-President, Burr held no real powers, and those powers which he had influence over were only those which Jefferson bestowed upon him.

    Eventually, Burr could no longer withstand the slight and insult Hamilton had caused him.   Burr challenged Hamilton to a duel, which Hamilton accepted.   Although Hamilton held no animosity towards Burr which would cause him the...

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