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Ability Essay

  • Submitted by: velvikram
  • on December 6, 2011
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Section 1 - Verbal Ability
No. Of Questions: 25 Duration in Minutes: 20 Directions for Questions 1-5: Choose the word nearest in meaning to the word in ITALICS from the given options. 1) The ant is believed to be the most industrious creature. A) Sensible B) Hard working C) Intelligent D) Organized

2) The defendant was grateful for the judge’s clemency. A) Patience B) Mercy C) Verdict D) Civility

3) Ravi was ravenous after the trek because he had eaten only biscuits. A) Ill B) Famished C) Tired D) Nauseous

4) My life so far has been turbulent with varied experiences. A) Adventurous B) Chaotic C) Intense D) Interesting

5) Family gatherings often become occasions to reminisce. A) Recollect Directions for Questions 6-11: Choose the answer option, which will CORRECTLY fill the blank. 6) ____ ounce of patience is worth a pound of brains. A) The B) A C) An D) No article required B) Repent C) Relax D) Ruminate

7) While strolling on Janpath, I chanced to meet ____ European. A) The B) A C) An D) No article required

8) ______ few public libraries we have are under equipped. A) A B) An C) The D) No article required

9) Anil is in the habit of smoking before going to ____ bed at night. A) An B) A C) The D) No article required

10) The book takes __________ reader to ______ ideal world. A) The, an B) A, an C) A, the D) The, the

11) Ayush studied engineering, did __ MBA, and worked briefly in ___ banking sector. A) An, a B) An, the C) A, a D) The, the

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Directions for Questions 12-15: Choose the option, which will CORRECTLY fill the blank. 12) They're _______ Brighton to do an English language course. A) In B) At C) On D) Over

13) He turned up early to make sure that he had a seat _______ the plane. A) In B) On C) At D) For

14) Dr. Robert Scaer examines dissociation and PTSD _______ the perspective of a neurologist. A) In B) By C) With D) From

15) I live _____ the fifth floor of my apartment building. A) On...

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