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Abolitionism A Social Movement Essay

  • Submitted by: bkhakshoor
  • on March 3, 2011
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Final Project- Abolitionist Movement
In the course of this semester, our class studied many different moving and interesting social movements.   From the Rodney King riots to the Spanish Civil War, each social movement had its own distinctive cause that it was fighting for.   After doing some research, a social movement that really caught my eye was the Abolitionist Movement.   The ideals for which they stood for and the way they got their messages across was truly amazing.   Slavery was the single most atrocious practice carried out in the 19th century and the only society to speak up against it was the Abolitionist Movement.   I believe the Abolitionist Movement was the most courageous, unique, and effective movement of the 19th century.
The Abolitionist Movement in the United States began in the 1830’s and ended in the 1870’s after the 15th amendment was passed.   The abolitionist movement was a society that set out to put an end to slavery, racial discrimination, and segregation.   They got their messages out through public announcements, protests, and newspapers.   They were a very unique movement in the sense that they did not have a very “hands on” approach causing riots and damaging the country, instead they formed meaningful meetings, staged charismatic protests, and published their beliefs in newspapers, journals, and books.   The Abolitionist Movement gained more supporters year after year because, more and more people began to understand how wrong slavery really was, and that it was against the very principles of the United States constitution.
One major reason why the movement was able to be so successful was because of their wise tactics.   The movement’s most effective tactic was public speeches.   The abolitionist movement was able to get prominent speakers such as: Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, and William Lloyd Garrison to inform their fellow Americans the evils of slavery.   These three abolitionist members were chosen by the other members to...

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