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About Hitler Myth Essay

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Hitler Myth

“The Hitler Myth” was written by Ian Kershaw and it argues how the Hitler Myth was a clever propaganda creation.   He argues that the real source of Hitler’s popularity and ability to lead the German people actually lies in certain social and political values among the Germans which Hitler took advantage of and which unfortunately exist elsewhere in the world.   Two Hitler myths are mentioned; the myth that held the German people in thrall of him and the myth which has developed since his death which is Hitler as a hypnotic manipulator.   Fuhrer was someone who could possibly boldly and heroically lead them into a better future thus that is what the German Ideal was.   Also Germans were always looking or desiring someone who could rise above political parties, above ideology, and above historical constraints in order to unite them behind their own cause.   Basically I believe Germans just wanted to do their own thing whether right or wrong but do it at the cost when nobody would be able to do anything about it, and they found that person in Adolf Hitler.   But eventually because of propaganda, reality and believing their own deceptions came back to haunt Hitler.  

Ian Kershaw in this book was intended to show why Germany would accept someone who to everyone else is seen as a monster and rightfully so.   Nationalism is one answer to the question of why Germany would accept someone like Hitler but also I think it was interesting how the personality cult expanded in finding people that needed someone.   I think the purpose of this book is to show even in the government, corruption can be right under the people noses and still not realize it or not care enough about their country to stand up to someone like Hitler and the Nazi’s.   Yes I know that anybody that did stand up to them they would have the possibility of losing their lives. But I also think if the whole German population had any sense they could have done something to stop what Hitler was doing,...

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