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About love Essay

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  • on November 3, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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About love - 4 - Rustam

    Love – is one of the feelings which human can get to know during his life. Might say, that this feeling make human more kind, pure (clear) and perfect.
  From the ancient times and down to the being time the theme of love was one of the leading themes in world literature. Many men and women in love became like embodiment of this feeling. We still remember Romeo and Juliette, Leila and Mejnun and also many other.   Could you imagine the world without love? It will be very complicated.
The ancients believed that love is a great gift from God. On their opinion this feeling bring mortals men nearer divine (God). The real cult of love shaped In the Middle ages in Europe. When brave knights were devoted their lives to serve on heart of beauty and were happy. Since then, any person who accepted a woman with respect and admiration has been called in word KNIGHT.
  Love has a plenty of faces. There are: love-friendship, love-cooperation, love-passion, love-tragedy, and love of country, love of parents, love of pets, love of children and other. But, it should be noted that in love exist not only happiness, gladness of mutual understanding, pleasure, but also lies, jealousy, fear, sorrow and anguish. Might say, that against the background of love the rest emotional demonstration of human soul projected more clearly or in relief. Thereby the human is confiding in love.  
Albert Camus, the great French author, philosopher, and journalist who won the Nobel Prize in 1957 noticed one day - Say “I love you” kind of say “you will never die”. “Loving human impressed the shape of his or her lover in his heart forever and it make that’s immortal, like sun, earth, wind. Only this kind of immortality could possible in ours imperfect world”, added philosopher.
    Love, as I said before, is not a good buy, but gift. And like any other unexpected and pleasant present we should value this feeling....

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