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Accounting Essay

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Comparison between this numbers is not meaningful because the numbers outstanding differs

Oracle Corporation has $1.37. in current assets but in the side hand Microsoft had $1.69 in current assets for each one dollar in the current liabilities, Microsoft is better than oracle based on the ratio.

Because oracle used the adequate selling and the cost of goods sold, oracle is higher ratio than Microsoft.

Oracle earns 23 cents for every $1 dollar; in the other side Microsoft earns 27.5 for every dollar which gives oracle the advantage in that ratio.

Oracle sells fewer inventories than Microsoft which gives Microsoft the advantage in that ratio based on the number of days inventory is held.

Oracle takes the lead here, because oracle turns the receivables at 5.1 times, but Microsoft turns the receivables 4.95 times and that’s slow comparing with oracle which turns the receivables to cash faster.

Oracle takes the lead again in the showing ratio because it used the assets to generate sales efficienty better than Microsoft.

For this ratio Microsoft takes the advantage because Microsoft earns 21.2 cents in every dollar of the assets, but in the other side oracle earns 13.4 cents for every dollar.

For this ratio oracle is 51.1 and Microsoft is 50.8 and they are so close to each other, so I think that they both have the solvency ratio.

Microsoft is better in this ratio because Microsoft distribute 7% from what they earn in cash to dividends; in the other side oracle distribute 0% which gives Microsoft the advantage.

Oracle has $5,201 in the cash flow, but in the other side Microsoft has 13,991 in the free cash flow, based on this information Microsoft takes the advantage in that ratio.

Oracle has 68 cents in cash because of the operating activity in each $1dollar,in the other side Microsoft has 77 cents in every operating activities for each $1 dollar, so Microsoft take the advantage in that ratio.

In the average total liabilities oracle has...

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