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Acid-Base Titration Of Khp And Naoh Essay

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The purpose of this experiment was to use acid-base titration of KHP and NaOH to identify the amount of KHP in unknown #28. The molarity of the NaOH solution that was used was determined through titration to be 0.1033M +/- 0.0005132M.   Using this value and through the use of titration the percentage of KHP in unknown # 28 was determined to be 60.63%.   This value was determined to be 98.65% accurate. The percent variation between each of the trials was under 1%.

It is very necessary to know the acidity of a solution in certain situations.   Some of these situations include industrial quality control labs and forensics labs and pharmaceutical research (Da Pain 2007).   In these situations it is important to be very exact in measurements.   When running tests in these types of labs, precision and accuracy are extremely important.   If the acidity of a solution is not known then the results will not be accurate, which in certain cases, like pharmaceutical research, can mean the difference between life and death.
Titration is the addition of one solution to another solution until a chemical reaction between the components in the solutions is complete.   An indicator, which is a substance that changes color under certain specific condition, is used in a titration to show, by a change of color, when the reaction is complete.   A buret, a volume-measuring instrument used to add measured volumes substances, is the instrument that is typically used for titrations.   Potassium hydrogen phthalate is a good primary standard as the acid used in titrations because it is a relatively weak acid, so it is fairly stable.   Sodium hydroxide is not a good base to use in titrations because it is not very stable.
Acid-base reactions are reactions between an acid and a base that react together to form water and another substance (Waugh 2010).   These reactions neutralize the substance.   That is how indicators in acid base-titrations work.   When the substance becomes basic, the...

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