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ACL Surgical procedure Essay

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  • on February 24, 2008
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For most Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconsturtive surgeries the graft used is the middle one-third of the Patellar tendon. Other grafts that may be used would be from Hamstring tendons or quadriceps tendon. The tissue graft must be specific based on the quality of the tissue, fixation of the tissue, healing of the tissue and the durrability of the tissue. The reason most surgeries use the Patellar tendon is because of the healing rate. When the Patellar tendon is used the healing rate of bone to bone tissue is faster and stronger because the bone end heals to the bone tunnels. The Patellar tendon is much like the Anterior Cruciate Ligament and can be attactched at to the bone where the ACL attatches. Major disadvantage to using the Patellar tendon is from where the transplant is taken from. Part of the Patella is removed with about one-third of the Patellar tendon. Which leaves a chance for Patella fracture or Patellar tendon rupture. Also the pain is not only in the joint but also on the front of the knee where the translplant was taken from. When the Hamstring tendons are used the major advantage would be that the transplant is taken somewhere other than the knee which makes the incision smaller. A disadvantage to using hamstrings is the healing rate. It takes hamstrings longer to become rigid and must be protected longer which leads to a much longer recovery.   In some circumstances the Patellar tendon and the Achillies tendon allografts may be used. The graft procedure may be proformed with two incisions or a single incision with arthroscopy-assited. pre-surgery the patient is to remain NPO (Nothing By Mouth) after midnight the night before the surgery. The majority of ACL reconstructive surgies the patient will be put under general anesthesia using propofol. The patient will be informed of the potential risks. A few of which would be *infection (less than 1%), Thrombophlebitis (less than 1%), Pulmonary Embolus (less than 1%), Posttraumatic Patellar tendon...

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