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Act 2 Essay

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Act 2 questions
1. Caliban and Antonio are foils in ways that they are both antagonists of the play with different characteristics.   Antonio took Prospero’s dukedom away in Milan, just as Prospero took Caliban’s sovereignty over the island. Antonio encourages Sebastian to kill Alonso and take away the throne of Naples, while Caliban convinces Stefano to kill Prospero and be the lord of the island. Both characters play roles to be against Prospero, but Caliban does not seem to consider all the advantages before he acts, but rather acts out of rage, while Antonio seems to plan things out carefully.
2. Shakespeare uses blank verse in order to give rhythm to the language, which contributes to its beauty. Caliban seems to be greatly impressed by Stefano and Trinculo with their liquor, while Stefano and Trinculo think of him as a mere monstrous creature. While Caliban speaks out to them sincerely, Stefano and Trinculo simply mocks him. The way Stefano and Trinculo speaks to Caliban in prose shows that they do not present him with any kind of formality.
3. Gonzalo is speaking of what he would do if he was the king of the island, and his version of an ideal government is almost like a Utopia. His lines show the Utopian influence from the era, a type of government that only exists in theory. Gonzalo says, “Letters should not be known,” indicating that there will be no education for people, and “No occupation.” It is virtually impossible for a country to exist without those two, since every new experience is learning, and everything that people do to keep the country going would be occupation.
4. Antonio and Sebastian plot to kill Alonso to succeed Sebastian the throne, but Prospero foresees this, and sends Ariel to wake Gonzalo up. Ariel says that Prospero does so to not let his “project” die, but in a sense, Prospero stops another throne to be taken away unlawfully. Sebastian is influenced by Antonio’s success on taking away the sovereignty of Milan, but Prospero,...

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