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Activity 4 Essay

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Assessment activity 4
Explain how you would handle the following and sort out and despatch processes in a work place
Separating urgent mail to be distributed first
sorting by departments
sorting by location
sorting by seniority of personal
separating internal (organisational) mail and external mail
separating by order of importance for each individual
separating junk mail
sorting invoices, cheques and accounts
adding a circulation
After the mail has been sorted anything marked as urgent should be separated and prioritised hand delivered, possibly signed off by authorised personnel and recorded as have been processed. If the mail was then sorted by department’s it would need to be sorted according to the seniority of personal
When processing incoming mail you need to check and register in accordance with the procedures according to the company’s policies and procedures
carefully open the envelope ,using a letter opener removing all the contents
check the contents of the envelope
if there are enclosures or attachments, attach as approatiate
date stamp the materials
enter the details into the inwards mail register (or the procedure an indicated by your workplace.
sort and prioritise the mail ready for distributions by staff members.
urgent and private mail should be delivered first; mail should be sorted according to department’s seniority of personal and importance of the communication.
separate the junk mail
identify mail designated for more than one recipient and attach a circulation slip
check the accuracy of cheques and total up the value of cheques received
any correspondence which is slightly damaged should be prepared before circulation
minimise waste by reducing internal envelopes and packaging where possible
and recycling appropriate materials
follow organised policy and procedures and work with organisational timelines
mail opened by mistake should be resealed and marked opened in error and initialled.
.External mail...

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