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adhd Essay

  • Submitted by: hpamphi
  • on December 12, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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The Article titled Thinking Positively was very appealing to me because I work in with a few students that have ADHD.   The students that I worked with are thought of negatively by most of my co-workers, so when I read the article, I felt that there were many tips that I could take back to them.   The article mentions that ADHD diagnosed children are labeled negatively.   People think that because these children cannot sit still they cannot be successful in life.   People are often negatively about people that are out of society‚Äôs norm.   This is very bad for these children because they are labeled, and made fun of by others because they are different.   This is no different than judging others because of skin color.   There is no reason that people should be judged negatively because of a disorder that they were born with.
Also, People look at these children differently because they take medication.   I have seen children make fun of other children because they heard that the certain child has to take medication.   This makes me angry because the medication is designed to help these children cope with their disorder, but the poor children are being scrutinized for taking medication.  
Children with ADHD are often blessed with characteristics that most people do not have.   For instance, they are able to multitask, and are often enthusiastic about things that they are interested in.   Students with ADHD can now look at their disorder in a more positive way than before.   Many researchers are finding out about the positive aspects of ADHD, and they are helping people understand that ADHD does not have to mean the child will be unsuccessful.   It is about time that society stops pointing fingers about people who are out of the norm.  
This article was very enlightening.   I enjoyed the tips that were included because it is difficult to understand children with ADHD.   No two children with ADHD are the same and it is nice to see that people are taking action to find out the...

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