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Adopt From A Shelter Essay

  • Submitted by: bailey555
  • on February 27, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Adopt, Save a Life
A Puppy Mill is a private home or farm where dogs are bred repeatedly until their poor bodies can no longer take the exhausting toll and are put to sleep when they can't possibly live through another litter of puppies. Most of those cute puppies you see at a pet store come from one of these horrible places. Puppy mill breeders do not care about the health of their dogs, the puppies are just a cash crop to them. If more people were educated, and new the facts about puppy mills, and buying from a pet store, maybe we could change the awful statistics together.

The solution to this problem is adopting from a shelter or rescue. Many peoples excuse is that they are looking for a certain breed, but many dogs sitting in your local shelter are pure bred. About 80 percent of animals that enter a shelter never get to leave again. Pets at animal shelters are ones that have either never had a home, and have been wondering around on the streets searching for scraps of food, or one day their owner woke up and decided they didn’t want to care for there pet anymore. Most dogs at shelters have had a home, so they are already potty trained and socialized. These dogs just want somebody to love them, and to give their love unconditionally.

Shelters are overcrowded and don’t have room for all the animals that come it, so to make room for the new they have to euthanize the old. If a dog is not adopted after a certain period, they are put to sleep. A lot of the time breeds like Pitt bulls, that are seen through society, as “dangerous” are euthanized, not even being given a chance to be adopted out.

There is a way to stop this. Adopting from a shelter is saving a life. There are million dogs and cats out there waiting for their second chance.

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