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Advertising Essay

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The advertising is all around us. Every day, every hour and even every minute we see different ads. The definition of advertising is the action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by meaning of printed or broadcasts paid announcements. The ads are good and bad, depending on the point of view. For the companies, advertising firms or just the normal workers in the TV advertising is good and no one wants to trough away the golden chicken. On the other side of the coin, the ads are bad for some customers, because customers think what they see from the ads, they should have it. After that they start to buy more and more, and finally they spent all their money and don’t have anything for their needs during the mount.
              Many companies prefer to do advertising of their new product because they think that this is the best way to offer something new to the society or to the public. In a fact, it is the most effective way. Many companies use the TV, billboards, prepare some promotions, and distribute some papers among the society as a place to place their ads. In the past the biggest percentages of ads was on the TV and it is still, but in the last years start to decrease. The companies in the USA spent millions of dollars only for advertising. They prepare and run marketing research – a survey, interview people, and focused groups. On these normal activities, companies spent about the half of their profit. Each company wants to know is the product or products, which are on the market, satisfying the customer and to know what to change in order to get more customers. Some companies try to understand what the potential customers want to see from a particular product and show it trough the ads. With the help of the buyers, companies can advertise particular product trough the customers’ friends.
              Old Spice has managed to bring commercials from a TV necessity to something we all look forward to. The Old Spice advertising...

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