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affirmative action Essay

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affirmative action, well theres alot that can be said about that topic, before that, the history behind affirmative action is quite surpsing from the past and now, well around the 1950s to 1960s before affirmative action is introduced it was stated that Canadain jurisdictions probhited racism and reglious discrimination, everybody was treated equal, equal pay for men and women. As the years went by pressure started to build up, in the parliment, that pressure was lead by minority groups and women, it made the municipal goverment straggering for special programs to improve situations for the women and minorites. In the 1980s the a action program surfaced in parliment the action program was Affirmative action program, it was established in three goverment departments, Immigration commission Canada Employment nad secartary of state and tresure board secetariat. The minorties that was targated was aboriginal people and also people with disbilities and women. In statistics in 1979 the unemployment for minorites was twice as much then whites, the median income for blacks was sixty percent of the white income, that number has jumped six percent to sixty-six percent of the white family income.

1978 blacks represented 11.5 percent of the population that shows you, the minortiy report, the numbers of the 11% breks down to 1.1 percent lawyers 2.3 destist and 2.3% was college professors, compared to present day it is stated that the numbers have jumped dramatically, population wise it hasent jumped in a big way, only 12.3 percent is now the minority population, 5.1% are lawyers and 6.1 percent are the college and university professors.
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