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Affluenza Essay

  • Submitted by: Chris27Walter
  • on December 5, 2011
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The film Affluenza has a direct connection to the health of the environment / natural ecosystem by revealing the forces which have dramatically transformed the United States into the ultimate consumer society, and the use of commercials has boosted the level of consumerism with in the United States to a whole new level. There are many roles that commercial play in a consumer society; getting out a product, reaching a certain demographer is just a couple of roles that commercials play. There is also a debate about advertising in school and whether or not it should be instituted or not.
“Commercials take up more than ¼ of the average person life.” (Affluenza) But there are many different roles and strategies that commercials play. Commercials put forth a lot maintenance and work to make an advertisement that will appeal to the human eye. One way they those advertisers reach out and hook in consumers is to use famous celebrities and other influential people that the consumer will look up to and admire, to convince them that they need that specific item to be just like them. Also Advertisers broadcast to a certain demographer. For example if you watch kids television shows every ad will be based on what a child would want and feel like they need to have, but if you flip the channel to a adult channel then you will get commercials for insurance, Viagra, and other commercials dedicated to the adult viewer. Advertisers also will use bright bold colors and shapes that attract the eye of a new product, and once people view this commercial they feel like this is the newest most greatest sensation and they most have it so they can “keep up with the Jones‘s”. These commercials make consumers believe that if they don’t have the hottest product out there that they will become outcasts and be shunned upon. These are strategies that advertisers make to get consumers to buy up their product, but are advertising in schools taking it a step to far?
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