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Afghan Women Essay

  • Submitted by: scrockett
  • on December 6, 2008
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To many, the night sky gives one a sense of serenity and peace. The moon is the same everywhere you go, anywhere in the world. It’s a sign of hope and to some, “the moon is a little piece of magic that comes out every night, even when times get tough, to remind us that everyday holds the potential for beauty” (Maria Marinelli). However, every place you go, there are differences between one’s outlook on life and hope. Everyone one, specifically women from Afghanistan, deserve a ray of hope and fulfillment in life. It is truly under taught and remains a huge crisis that should be brought to the world’s attention. Afghan women are being suppressed by society and men, particularly household male authority figures, as they lack an education and continue to be imprisoned by the burkhas.
Afghanistan has one of the lowest literacy rates on the globe. Only 4% of the female population is literate and frankly, this is unacceptable and needs to change. In the United States education is taken for granted. The majority of students do not like school and even finding it useless, therefore dropping out. Once one travels out of the country to an underdeveloped and poorer country, one catches sight of women and children with the willingness and desire to learn. There are organizations and groups of people who work on providing and building schools for girls, as Greg Mortenson does in Pakistan in Three Cups of Tea. However, even though there are schools, it still remains a challenge to educate women because of the way their culture and lives. An example of this is shown through an ambitious girl named Shugufa, who is from a Back to School episode in Wide Angle, created by PBS. Shugufa is a younger female who lives in Afghanistan and values education. “Education is the obligation of any person, male or female” (Shugufa). Attaining an education is not as easy as it is in several other countries. Shugufa must finish her chores and responsibilities to take care of the eleven children...

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