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Africa Essay

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  • on December 14, 2008
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African Perspectives on Colonialism
African Perspectives on Colonialism, written by Adu A. Boahen, is the historical facts of the colonization of Africa beginning in the 1800’s.   Boahen indicates that before any colonization, North Africa was an Islamic/Muslim country.   The natives spoke Arabic in North Africa.   He also speaks of a part of Africa called the Sub-Sahara Africa.   This area was mostly the black/negroid group of people who inhabited the area.   They spoke a variety of different languages and had a variety of different cultures, unlike the neighbors to the north.  
When Africa was discovered by the Europeans, they were extremely curious when they saw the native blacks inhabiting the area.   They had never seen these types of colored people so they assumed that they were animals because of the way they dressed.   The encountered in tribes and with bones in their noses, which made them refer to them as animals.   This was the beginning of slavery.   They used these “animals” for free labor and began exporting and trading them.   This went on with all the European countries.   Slaves were being shipped to the Americas as well.   It was not until the 1800’s when the British had a change of heart.   They, being the most powerful empire in the world at this time, decided they wanted to ban the slave trade.   They felt that it was wrong and immoral.   The other countries did not agree with them and they continued trading slaves.   This is when Britain decided to use their naval force, the most powerful navy in the world, to patrol the seas.   They let everyone know that if any ship was found with slaves aboard, the slaves would be confiscated.   This was successful in a way.   They began to take all the freed slaves to Sierra Leon.   Eventually this was too full and the established Liberia.   Liberia was established by United States because they did not want the freed slaves to live in the U.S.   The new form of trade allowed was, legitimate trade.   This meant that the only...

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