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African Diaspora Essay

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  • on February 23, 2011
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  Final For African Diaspora  

Define Scientific Racism

Scientific Racism is the attempt to justify and protect a system that allows the exploitation of the so-called “inferior” people so that the so-called “superior” people cab reap economic reward . In the Us the main target of scientific racism was with the black population. Distinguished scholars and scientist who shared these racist views wrote and believed in these theories.

Scientist throughout history has dine a great injustice to the African Diaspora . They have gone to great lengths to prove superiority and prove that   minorities, poor people, foreigners, and women are inferior to their white upper class make   counterparts .
In the 19th century the intelligence test focused on the physical measurements of the cranium./ The would use seeds to fill the cranium in order to measure the volume capacities,they would also measure the outside and inside of the cranium. Dutch scholar Peter Camper was the first theorist in 1777 to develop theories of   craniumology which he used to justify racial differences. He developed theories on how to measure intelligence among   the species called facial angles.   Each angle 80% white 70% black, and 58% Apes or Monkey's was how he described the hierarchy of intelligence among the species; thus stating scientifically that the shape of the   cranium of blacks were inferior   to whites. Dispelling these theories have been significant to the African culture. Prestigious historians of our time have complied evidence to dispute such findings in a the scientific area.  

According to Ivan   Van Sertima historian, linguist, anthropologist, and author of “ They Came Before Columbus” states W hen it came to the Arrival of cotton from other lands Africa was not considered by botanist or anthropologists. Despite the findings of an ancient African ancestor of the indigenous plant in the New World; and   the denial of the transportation theory; scholars...

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