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Against Women Who Are Battered Essay

  • Submitted by: fertolito
  • on December 5, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Against Women Who Are Battered" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Against Women Who Are Battered

      In my opinion women should not be victims of physical abuse.   A woman doesn’t deserve to receive pain. There is no necessity to use violence. I am in opposition with men that beat women and they must be put in jail. It’s horrible, because women truly suffer. Some reasons women should not be battered are that a person can cause several injuries to the victim, hurt their feelings and cause psychological damage.

In my opinion, when some women are battered usually the guy hits her, kicks her, and slaps her. This causes injuries to the victims who have to deal with being abused. I feel bad and sad for the victims, because a woman can’t do anything when a man punches her. “Abusers often attempt to control and isolate victims in an effort to guard the secret of abuse and because of their jealously of any attention their partners may give or receive from family, friends, or coworkers” (Gagné 19). As the time passes, women will have bruising, bleeding, and scars that will never heal.

A man hits a woman probably because he wants to act “macho”. He might be drunk or he only does it because he likes it. In my opinion this behavior makes a man less of a man. Women should never be beaten or abuse. These men mentally hurt the victim.   “Applying aversive psychological tactics in a   random and variable manner together with some periods of withdrawal of the aversive stimuli and substitution of pleasure or loving behavior is known to create psychological dependency, learned helplessness, or other deleterious conditions for victims” (Walker 145). Battered women cry and start to lose respect for the abuser. The woman will feel guilty all the time. It can provoke a woman to feel ashamed and she would have low self-esteem.

Women who are battered can develop mental trauma. The psychological damage can’t be avoided. Once a woman is a victim of abuse, she will change her thoughts about a man. “In fact, these victims obsess and dwell upon...

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