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Aging Worforce Essay

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Aging Workforce
Serena Lewis

I believe that many organizations may find the aging workforce to be beneficial to their success.   With age comes experience, skill, and loyalty.   Younger individuals may present fresher ideas and may be more educated on the advanced technologies that are becoming a part of everyday society.   However, the older individuals who have been members of these organizations for a long time present a wealth of knowledge, not only in the products and services that the organizations offer, but on how the organization runs, its values, and its visions to ensure future success.   In order to accommodate the aging workforce employers must change/add/remove certain policies, standards, and practices.   The article entitled “IT Tools for an Aging Workforce” states that "To prepare for and deal with this era, employers and employees will have to rethink conventional wisdom about retirement, and the kinds of work that provide incentives for workers to stay in the workforce in their later years" (Roddy, 2007, p.1).   Older workers must have a reason to stay actively engaged in their jobs.   In my opinion, the biggest issue that HR must address is the rising amount of health issues that come with employing older workers.   Deteriorating eyesight, hearing impairments, and loss of muscle strength are just some things that HR will encounter.   Providing older workers with disabilities with assistive technology is a very beneficial way to keep them actively employed and highly productive.     “Accessibility technologies can help the maturing workforce remain productive by providing features and functions that make information technology usable by a person with a disability” (Roddy, 2007, p.1).  

Roddy, Daniel. (2007, January 28). IT Tools for an Aging Workforce. New Straits Times (Malaysia). Retrieved October 28, 2011 from LexiNexis Academic & Library Solutions.

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