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  • on December 13, 2008
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Agustina Zaragoza

Agustina Zaragoza, also known as Raimunda Maria Agustina Saragossa Domenech.   Referred to as ‘Maid of Saragossa’, considered to be the ’Spanish Joan of Arc’.   She has also been entitled as Phil of Aragon, and Agustina de Aragon.   She has been a main part of many folklore, mythology, and artwork.   Aragon is a region and former kingdom north east of Spain, bordering in the north of France and in the east of Catalonia.   Saragossa not only being a part of Agustina’s name, but also is the capital city of the province of Aragon.  
Agustina was the daughter of mother Pedro Juan and father Raymunda Domenech, two average labourers part of the Spanish working class.   Born in Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona on March 4, 1786. Her parents separated when she was young, allowing Agustina to show an independent mind at an early age, which did annoy the Spanish.   She is described in the original records of Spanish history that she was not fervently patriotic or pious, however other records claim that she was of the Christian morality, that she was a persistent nuisance to the Spanish, that she was decisive, and stubborn.   She was but an ordinary girl motivated by war, at the age of thirteen she hung around the Army barracks.   Her anarchism to the French, to the Spanish government, and to the church continued her motivation.   She stood for women’s rights, and to an extent her country.   Her angst towards the Spanish Catholic Church, as she abided by more Christian beliefs posed a problem for the church and those who fell amongst it.   Unfortunately because of her strong suits and unladylike manner along with a well maintained stereotype that women who took on more “manly” rolls, were accused of being witches, she had issues functioning within her community.   Of course as things took place and the French-imprisoned King of Spain was anointed God, the church decided it the obligation of every Spaniard to take up artillery against his captors and anyone who...

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