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AIDS is Your Business - Analytical Essay

  • Submitted by: krakur1973
  • on December 7, 2008
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Analytical Essay: Essay #2

AIDS – No Quick Fix
A Review of HIV/AIDS and the Global Economy

David Redden
Professor Denise MacNeil
November 19, 2008

AIDS Is Your Business
The widespread epidemic of HIV/AIDS is destroying cheap labor and fast growing markets.   This is the concern that is voiced in an article “AIDS Is Your Business” (2003).   The article speaks on the peril that is seen throughout the world, and focuses on Africa, being the country with the largest number of HIV/AIDS cases.   Statistics are shown throughout the article on the effects it has on global businesses.   These effects include various costs such as treatments, employee replacements/training, and lower production levels.   The solutions suggested and statistically analyzed in this article focus mostly on treatment programs.   HIV Prevention 3 (2008) is an article that maps out strategies to reduce the increasing numbers of HIV transmission through various prevention programs.   Although programs set in place to improve the lives of AIDS victims are helping businesses figure out how to overcome the shortcomings of this epidemic, the combined effort of both prevention and treatment could assist in recovering from the destruction of the rationales of globalization strategy.
What’s at stake?
“AIDS is destroying the twin rationales of globalization strategy:   cheap labor and fast-growing markets” (AIDS Is Your Business, 2003, p. 82).   The disease is killing young and middle-aged adults in their most productive years.   This adds to the companies’ labor costs and slows capital growth rates.   It drives up health care costs, and reduces productivity.   Since the virus often kills the breadwinner in a large family, families are forced to spend what little they have on medical treatment for the victim.   This can also cause families to be leveled to a generation of orphans, which forces many children to drop out of...

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