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Aim Of Academic Study Essay

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Many students go to university under a consideration of occupation, but few of them care about what they can actually learn. In fact, some of them believe that whatever they can learn through academic study is too abstract to be useful, and yet they are wrong. People have this misunderstanding with academic study because they don’t know the real aims of it. Personally, I believe that there are three aims of academic study, infusing academic knowledge, developing the capability of self-studying, and establishing a logical mode of thinking.

The fundamental purpose of academic study is to infuse students with basic theories. These abstract theories are crucially needed in academic researches. University students should be able to carry out researches, therefore they are also required to have the theoretical knowledge. The basic approach to fulfill this aim is by lecturing the students. With the instruction of knowledgeable scholars in the fields of studies, students are able to learn effectively. Besides hard work in class, self-studying afterwards is also needed. Doing research and finishing home assignment after class is helpful to students with understanding contents which are discussed in class. In this way, students can establish deepened understandings of the knowledge in their own way. Participating in group discussion and interacting with different ideas from other students are as important as individual work. By exchanging different ideas and having discussion over them is helpful to organize what they have already learned.

Academic study is not only about obtaining knowledge, but also about developing students’ capability of self-studying. As a matter of fact, the capability of learning continually and individually is as important as knowledge itself. Whoever wants to keep up with the rapid development of human civilization and stay at the frontline of it should be able to keep learning. The method to develop the ability of self-studying is based on...

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