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Aint That A Kick In The Head Essay

  • Submitted by: sting_sp08
  • on December 8, 2008
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Ain’t That A Kick In The Head

It’s sad how violent a large group of people can be, Especially when they have been drinking.   They don’t even think about what they are doing, or how their actions might affect other people.   I know this because I was one of those other people and it doesn’t feel good to get kicked by four guys with steel toe boots.   Not to mention the two thousand dollars worth of damage they did to my car.   The worst part was the psychological damage.   There was definitely one good thing about this event.   It made me realize just how loyal my friends are.
    It all started last year on a Friday night in August.   School had just started a week before, when my friends and I decided to go to a field party on some farm land in C County.   I didn’t know any of the people that were going to be there but I decided to go anyway.   We took three cars out there.   One of them was mine. I remember it took forever to find the place because it was out in the middle of nowhere.
After we finally found the place, I parked my car next to about fifty other cars in the field.   I got out of my car and
stared off into the distance where I saw about a hundred people drinking and dancing around a huge campfire.   I decided to stay back by my car. It’s funny, I just had this bad feeling about that mob of people.   It almost seemed menacing or evil.  
Next thing I know, this large mass of people comes marching towards my car (how nice, I didn’t want to go to the mob, so the mob came to me).   As they get closer, I notice A and K carrying B up towards my car.   I’ll never forget his face.   His eye was all swollen and there was blood and dirt all over him.   A and K carried B to my car and put him in the back seat.   Then I noticed that the weird mob I was so nervous about was surrounding my car.
After talking with a few of the surrounding people, I found out that my injured friend had dated one of the friends of the party’s hosts, and after they had broken up my friend...

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