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aisles of memories Essay

  • Submitted by: gydtnahmcer
  • on October 26, 2008
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Aisles of Memories- a memoir

I walked down the aisle where the dolls are. There are so many options now; My scene, Brat'z and there's Barbie, she's still around and available in every girls dream, she's a princess, doctor, mom, teacher, ballerina and so much more. I saw one that was wearing a bathing suit and I was taken, back 20 years to my old house in Oakland, oh how I remember Beach Barbie, she was always my favorite one. I had maybe 6 others but Beach Barbie was extra special. Funny how seeing that Barbie doll had me thinking of Erica most of the day- I hadn't though of her since I moved from that old house when I was 7 years old.

Shiny black hair down to her knees, big eyes like those of an owl and dark skin plus those lanky skinny legs that were always bruised at the knees. That is how I remember Erica, even though I was older she had at least a 3 inch advantage over me in height; But in wit and street smarts I had her beat. Erica was always eager to please, and always a pushover.

For some reason, I came to be a leader of sorts; I dictated who played with who in the neighborhood. I remember one instance where I was upset with Erica therefore she didn't get to play with anyone in the neighborhood. I gave her access to sitting on her porch if she were to come outside, or else no one would play with her for a whole month. I don't know how this power came to be perhaps I just happen to be more assertive than the rest of the kids. My mom has always said that I was born to tell people what to do. There I was walking down the aisles at target   and suddenly drifting into memories.

"Trisha, want to come over for pizza?" Erica would yell across the yard from her bedroom window that was adjacent to mine, I'd agree of course- what kid doesn't like pizza?

"Then we can play with my new dolls 'Barbie and the Rockers' she continued to say.
I hopped out my window and in through hers. There it was- a shiny black stage with metallic silver decals and big...

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