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Alas Babylon! Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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Calvin Beckwith November 3, 2010
Alas, Babylon Essay Ms. Kauth Pd.3

September 11, 2001.   One of the most tragic and memorable days in American history.   One cannot help but ponder how such a devastating act could be perpetrated by human beings against humanity.   Is this not the most despicable act people are capable of?   And yet, we show through positive thinking and resilience of the human spirit, that we can survive, and even prevail against these destructive actions.   In the novel, Alas, Babylon, an event, similar in many ways, occurred in several locations throughout the United States.   The Soviet Union dropped several nuclear bombs onto United States soil, leaving the citizens of the nation of freedom, to perish.   The citizens of Fort Repose, Florida, instead of accepting the downfall of its society, decided to make the best of what they had and, ultimately, rose against these evil forces.   The only thing motivating the town was unmitigated hope.   The citizens of Fort Repose realized that, like Sept. 11th, God or a force of nature had not caused these unfortunate events to take place, but human beings did.   Fort Repose desperately wanted life to return to as it was before The Day, but they acknowledged that its citizens had to work together with what little amount of resources they had.   With sheer hope on their side, the power of human resilience succeeded.   The bombs did not end the town, but Randy Bragg and the perseverant citizens of Fort Repose applied “the best in themselves to begin the re-establishment of life within a civil society.”   Of course, despite the citizens of Fort Repose doing their very best, immediate and long-term problems did occur in the after math of The Day.
Shortly after the abrupt and catastrophic bombings, there was a series of immediate problems.   The protagonist and leader, Randy Bragg, had to react to these problems quickly.   One example of an immediate problem was the money system collapsing.   A large mass...

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